Do you just LOVE Japan for its unique culture and beauty?
Are you looking for ways to stay in Japan long term?
Do you love helping people in general?
Are you looking for a business opportunity in Japan?

If you answer YES to any of these questions, you should consider starting your own English language school in Japan.

We will give you the shortcut that you need

We have been in English language education industry in Japan for over 11 years, and we have had our own English language school for over 2 years.

We will share our views on many types and different qualities of English language schools, English educators, and English teaching materials that exist in Japan.

We will share our own experiences and knowledge on what has worked and what did not work, so that you can set up your own business and become successful.

We will show you how we have got here and give you the shortcuts to start up your successful English language in Japan.

Our quality of life has improved, and we are absolutely HAPPY here.

Would’t you want to explore your opportunity in Japan?†

Program Summary

Location: Good English or Online from wherever you are

Program term: from August 1, 2019 until December 31 (5 sessions, and onsite training if desired)

Program fee: 175,000 yen (45,000 yen discount if paid before July 10)


Objectives of this business startup program are;

  1. to help foreigners to explore and learn about possibilities and opportunities in English language industry in Japan
  2. to educate and raise more high quality English coaches to help more Japanese people to gain English conversational skills
  3. to help foreigners start up their own business in Japan
  4. to improve Japanese educational and economical conditions

Curriculum (5 sessions)

  • visa & business opportunity in Japan
  • qualification, personality, dress code
  • financial & spacial/location
  • teaching materials & class structure
  • target students, age ranges
  • competitions, other English language schools
  • relationships with students
  • (optional) onsite training

English Coach/Co-coordinator : Gary

Gary is the head English coach/co-coordinator at Good Eikaiwa school.

He is from Cleveland, US.

He is passionate about teaching, and he has 12 years of teaching experience.

He is great at utilizing role-play to help Japanese people to gain real English conversational skills.

He has been in Japan for 11 years, and now he is ready to help other international business-minded people to come to Japan and set up their own business.

He will tell you all about his experiences as a foreigner and an English teacher in Japan.

Program Coordinator: Ai

Ai is head program coordinator/manager of Good Eikaiwa school.

She is a Japanese national who lived in US and Canada for 8 years.

She is caring, professional and business minded.

She would like to help Japanese people to gain good English conversation skills and help foreigners to success in Japan.

She manages a few businesses herself, and she can assist you in achieving your dreams.

contact her at to participate in this special program.

Our Mission Statement

We help the Japanese population to have good English conversation skills.

We love Japan.

We believe that Japanese people need and benefit greatly from good English conversation skills for personal and national growth.

These are the reasons.

~There are not enough Japanese people with sufficient English conversation skills~

We love Japanese people, but there are not enough Japanese people that are comfortable in speaking in English.

Elementary schools have started providing English classes in recent years, even though students did not start studying English until middle school in the past.

English classes in Japanese schools are programmed only to teach kids grammar and reading skills to pass their exams, so kids graduate from school with minimum of 6 years of English classes with not much English conversation skills.

As many people already know, Japan is one of the worse countries for non-Japanese speaking foreigners because of the low English level of most of the Japanese population.

That is why we truly believe that Japanese population needs our help.

~Japan needs international individuals for more growth~

It used to be that Japan did not have a lot of foreigners living in Japan, so Japanese people did not need to speak English.

Japan is rapidly getting more international with visitors and new residents, and Japan is facing this reality, and now we have some catching up to do.

Japan has great products and services to offer to other countries, but because of the language barrier, the exporting industry is not prospering in Japan.

If Japan can improve its exporting industry, it can grow so much more.

Japan itself would definitely benefit from having good English conversation skills.

Japanese people need basic conversation skills to communicate with foreigners.


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